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There are a number of ways in which St Bede’s endeavours to keep parents informed and involved including:


College weekly newsletters are accessible via the website in pdf format, or are available in hard copy if required. Please contact the office for details.

Boarding newsletters are also published weekly via the website.

Weekly Notes

Each boy in the school is assessed each week in every subject and given a grade for effort. The total received each week gives an indication as to how hard the student is working. Parents should ask their sons each week what grade they have received. If, over an extended period, a student is not making a genuine effort in academic matters then he may be withdrawn from sporting and social activities for a specified length of time.


School reports with detailed progress information are sent home to parents three times a year, with interim and mid-year reports preceding Parent-Teacher Evenings. Students are encouraged to attend PTEs with their parents.

For Years 9 and 10:

  • parent-teacher interviews- end of term 1;
  • mid-year report;
  • end of year report.

For Years 11-13:

  • Student Record Sheet – Term 1
  • parent-teacher interviews- mid-year;
  • Student Record Sheet – Term 3
  • end of year report – end of term 3.

Parental Involvement

The College aims to work closely with parents in order to provide the best possible education for their sons. Parents are always welcome to attend any function at the College involving their son; equally, they are always welcome to make contact with the College if there is anything they wish to discuss. Similarly, if the College is aware of any problem involving a student then it will make contact with his parents.

Parents are welcome at the College at all times. The boys belong to the family first and the school second! Given our desire to work with you as parents for the good of your son the more consultation and contact we have the better. If possible, we would ask that you not seek to see your son during class time but if there is an urgent need we will always co-operate.

One of the aims of the Confirmed as a Bedean programme for Year 9 students and their parents is to establish connections between parents and the College, and parents with sons in the same year group.

The Parent-Teacher Association aims to bring parents and teachers closer together so that they can work in unison for the good of the pupil. As well as organising major fund-raising activities the P.T.A. also provides a support network for parents and this is seen particularly in the evenings they organise for parents of Year Nines, and in the Annual Social.

Coaching/Managing Teams and Groups Most sports teams and cultural groups are coached or managed by a staff member but support and help from parents is always welcome. If you would like to be involved in this way then please make contact with the College.