Living at St Bede’s

St Bede’s College is the South Island’s premiere Catholic boys’ boarding school. It has a long-standing tradition of providing quality boarding school education, dating back to the 1920s. Our boys come from many different parts of New Zealand and from around the world and they benefit from our home away from home experience. We have the school’s spacious grounds and many facilities available to use and benefit from. Being part of the St Bede’s boarding community is a lifelong experience, as the Bedean spirit stays with you long after you leave.


The College motto of ‘Fide et Opere”, by faith and by work, also incorporates our Boarding School. The boarding community lives, works and prays as a Catholic faith community centred on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We begin each week sharing the Eucharist in our Boarding Mass. We aim to provide an environment wherein “he becomes the best possible version of the person God created him to be”.


Living in a boarding community provides boys with a unique environment to learn social and co-operative skills. Whilst boarding your son can expect close guidance and support from our boarding team as they work toward achieving their personal goals whilst learning to contribute in a positive manner to the boarding community. We set high expectations for our boys and take great pride in supporting them as they develop into fine young men.


The Boarding School gives all boys the opportunity to pursue academic, cultural and sporting interests that are not always available in their local area. Your sons will have the opportunity to be part of a modern and vibrant new city. The Boarding School makes the most of what Christchurch has to offer through our induction and weekend activity programmes.

Pastoral Care

Great emphasis is placed on positive relationships and achievement. We actively work to create a positive environment. Students are expected to commit to the goals they set for themselves and the expectations that come with being a positive community member. The Boarding School adheres to a positive psychology framework that focuses on the strengths of each individual. Students are coached and mentored on a daily basis by a team of committed and qualified staff.

Self- Development Programme

Students with the ability to self-determine, achieve to their potential and positively contribute in the traditional school setting, home environment and wider community. Our self-development programme builds on this concept through providing boys, on a daily basis, opportunities to enhance their physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing whilst at all times meeting their academic commitments. At the core of this is raising student achievement, engagement and self-determination, all of which is done in an environment where age appropriate expectations and guidelines are in place. By coaching, monitoring and supporting our boys to make positive choices that impact all areas of their life, we firmly believe we are setting them up to be the best young person they can be.


The Boarding School is located on the College site. Boarders have full access to College facilities including the Weights Centre, Gymnasium, Learning Centre, Performing Arts Centre, hockey turf, cricket nets, swimming pool, fields and teaching spaces. more information