Our People

Our teachers are subject specialists with a deep understanding of boys’ education who facilitate learning within a community that is continually evolving to meet the needs of each young man. Our aim is that leavers of St Bede’s College are self-directed and reflective learners who can adapt, think and collaborate well with others.

Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Rector – Mr Jon McDowall PGDipEdAdminLead, BEd, GradDipTchLn

Deputy Rector – Mr Gerry Davidson MA (Hons), DipTchg

Deputy Rector – Teaching and Learning – Mr James Burnside MChem (Hons), PhD, PGCE 

Deputy Rector – Pastoral and Hauora – Mr Diarmuid McMahon BA Ed, PGCE

Head of Ministry, Head of Year 11 – Mrs Rachel Pitcaithly BA, DipTchg

Director of Community and Advancement – Ms Clare Wilkinson Dip ECE

General Manager – Mr Steve Kelsen, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary, MInstD, ACG, BCom, Dip Hum

Assistant Rector – Boarding – Mr Kurt Paterson BEd, GradDipTchgLn

Assistant Rector – Pathways and Enhancement – Mrs Emma-Louise Cooper BA (Hons) [English], PGCE

Heads of Faculty

Physical Education and Health –  Mr Daniel Winchester BEd (PE) DipTchg   

Mathematics –  Mr Fred DeMarco BA, MPA, DipTchLn 

Science – Mr John McPhail BAgrSc, DipTchg

Technology – Mr Chris Hubble Adv T Cert, DipTchg, Dip S.S 

Arts – Ms Abi King BMus, DipTchLn 

English and Languages – Ms Morgan Lynn BA, Dip Tch&Ln

Religious Education –  Mr Grant Ven BA Hons, DipTchg 

Social Sciences – Mr Callum Wilson BA, DipTchg

Centre of Enhancement – Mrs Emma-Louise Cooper BA (Hons) [English], PGCE

Heads of Year

Year 9 – Mr David Bryce BRecEd, GradDipTchgLn, GradDipTh

Year 10 – Ms Holly Growden BA, GradDipTchLn

Year 11 – Mrs Rachel Pitcaithly BA, DipTchg

Year 12 – Mr John Kane BA (Education), M.Ed (Leadership)

Year 13 – Miss Robyn Warburton BSc and GradDipTchg

Heads of House

Benedict – Ms Margaret Whelan [SENCO], BA in Education, Business and Religious Studies

Colin – Miss Robyn Warburton BSc and GradDipTchg

Mannix – Mr Luke Hardinge

McCarthy – Mr Will Struthers BA, Masters in Int. Rel. & Dip. (Hons), GradDipTchgLn

Redwood – Mr Ben Rawson, BSc. (Education) with Physics and Chemistry

Administrative Positions

Principals Nominee – Mrs Emma-Louise Cooper BA (Hons) [English], PGCE

Director of International Rugby Programme and Rugby Development Officer – Mr Mark Ealey MA Japanese (Hons) and MA Japanese Applied Lingustics

Director of Sport – Mr Reuben Spicer BRecEd, GradDipTchLn

Systems Administrator – Mr Kelvyn Pithie 

Academic Staff

Mrs Brenda Bickerstaff BEd

Mr David Bryce BRecEd, GradDipTchgLn, GradDipTh

Dr. Josh Borella PhD (Geology)

Mr Bruce Cameron BAROE (Bachelor Adventure Recreation & Outdoor Education, CPIT), BSc (Bachelor Science, Auckland University), DipTchg

Mr JC Cajita B.S. (CompSci)

Mr Robert Capaldi Bsc (Hons) Manufacturing Business and Technology from Coventry University, U.K

Ms Emily Carter-Scofield BA, DipTchgLrn

Mr Simon Cooper MCom (Hons), BBSc, GradDipTchg

Mr Greg Crean BA, GradDipTchLn

Mr Daryl Crimmins Bsc (Hons), PhD (Chemistry), GradDipTchLn

Ms Calie Cron Dip Design, DipTchg

Mr Andrew Cropp BEd, DipTchg BA, GradDipTchg

Mrs Lou Days BA, GradDipTchg

Mr Brian Dunne BA, DipTchg

Mr Steve Entwistle BSc, PGCE

Miss Francesca Festa BA, DipTchLn

Mr James Harris GDipTchg(Secondary), BCA (Bachelor of Creative Arts), Dip. Art (Furniture Design)

Mr Luke Hardinge

Mr Chris Hubble BLA(Hons), DipTchLn [TiC Graphics]

Mrs Georgie Hughes BCA, DipEd

Mr Peter Johnson BSc, DipTchg

Mr Andrew Jones BSc(hons) QTS

Mrs Elrie Jordaan-Oldroyd BSc in Geography and Geology, GradDipTchg

Mr John Kane BA (Education), M.Ed (Leadership)

Mrs Vickie Lawson BSc(Hons) Nutrition and Biochemistry

Mrs Lillian Lever BTchLn Primary

Mr David Litten BSc, DipTchg

Mrs Jacqueline MacKean BA (Hons) English and History

Ms Jill McArthur BSc, DipTchg

Dr Maarten McKubre-Jordens Phd, BSc (Hons), BA, GradDipTchLn

Mr Grant McKenzie PhD Sc, DipTchgLn

Mr John Mullen BDes, DipTchg

David Neighbours Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Teaching, Certificate in Cookery, Certificate in Rudolf Steiner Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Exercise

Mr Kurt Paterson BEd, GradDipTchgLn (Physical Education)

Mr Aaron Poulter BSc

Mr Ben Rawson Bed (Primary)

Ms Rhoane Bekker Bsc Human Physiology, PGCE Physics

Miss Úna Skerten Ba in Design (Applied visual arts) and Postgraduate diploma in teaching (secondary)

Mrs Karen Staples BTChLn (Primary), GradDip (EdPsych), M.Ed.

Mrs Megan Stewart Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching, NZ Certificate in Christian Studies

Mr Will Struthers BA, Masters in Int. Rel. & Dip. (Hons), GradDipTchgLn

Mr Kerry Sullivan Bachelor of Resource Studies

Mr Samuel Tatupu Bachelor of Education, Physical Education

Mr David Van Voorst NZCE Telecommunications and GradDipTchg

Mrs Margaret Walcott DipTchg (Assistant DRS)

Miss Robyn Warburton BSc and GradDipTchg

Ms Margaret Whelan [SENCO], BA in Education, Business and Religious Studies


Student Support

Centre of Wellbeing Administrator – Ms Jo James BEd

College Psychologist – Mrs Jade McDowall B.A. (Ed.Psych), M.A. (ChFamPsyc, Distinction), PgDip (ChFamPsyc)

College Psychologist – Ms Ella Grigg B.A. (Psych), M.A. (ChFamPsyc, Distinction), PgDip (ChFamPsyc)

TiC Careers Guidance – Ms Jan Kershaw MEd, BEd, BCaps, PrimDipTchg

Gateway Coordinator / Careers – Mr Bill Hall BCom, DipTchg

Arts Coordinator – Elian Pagalilawany

Sports Coordinator – Mrs Chantelle Davis

Teacher Aide – Mrs Gail Bishop

Teacher Aide – Mrs Andrea Brennan

Teacher Aide – Mrs Rosalie Goode

Teacher Aide – Ms Monique Rae

Teacher Aide – Mrs Christine Sutherland

Teacher Aide – Mrs Niki Taylor

Associate staff

Executive Assistant to Rector – Mrs Amy Symington

Pastoral Assistant – Mrs Joanne Davidson

College Shop Manager – Mrs Jill Falloon

College Shop Assistant – Ms Philippa Grey

Graphic Design and Marketing – Mr Matt Grueber

Community Coordinator – Mrs Kathryn Eagle

School Laboratory Manager – Mrs Stephanie Gray

Centre of Enhancement Administrator – Mrs Rebecca Inglis

Assistant Accountant – Mrs Katrina Hurd

Receptionist – Mrs Michelle Schikker

Teaching and Learning and HR Administrator – Mrs Tracey Ruddenklau BA, GradDipJ, GradDipCJ

Accounts payable – Mrs Claire Thompson

Student Accounts and Compliance – Mrs Ange Webb

Librarian – Mrs Chrissie Walker BA (English and Classics)

Finance Office Team Leader – Miss Samantha Wedge BCom

Boarding school

Assistant Rector Boarding – Mr Kurt Paterson BEd, GradDipTchgLn (Physical Education)

Boarding Administrator – Ms Emma Hobday

Plants and grounds


Caretaker – Mr Richard Howe

Groundsman – Mr Chris Jones 

Jon McDowall, Rector
St Bede's College mass