Growing Young Men

St Bede’s College has a proud tradition of developing well-rounded young men of faith; many of whom have gone on to be leaders in their respective fields across NZ and the world.  We have deliberate focus on educating the whole person through high quality pastoral and guidance systems, servant leadership programmes and positive psychology frameworks.

Pastoral and Guidance

St Bede’s prides itself on the personalised care and support our students receive as they develop into young men of faith and action.  Each boy is placed in to a vertical tutor group that forms the foundation of their pastoral care, academic mentoring and engagement with home.  Our counselling team and House Tutors support our Tutors as well as working one to one with students and their whanau to ensure our students receive the best academic, emotional and spiritual support possible.

Year 9 Transition

From the time our young men enter the College through to their departure as an old boy, careful consideration is given to each key stage to ensure transitions are as smooth as possible.  New entrant orientation and peer support programmes ensure new boys to St Bede’s feel welcomed and valued as Bedeans from their very first day.  As our young men make their way through the College, ongoing goal setting, mentoring and careers programmes engage and inspire our young men to be the best they can be.

House System

There is no better example of our school culture than the competitive spirit and pride the boys show to each of their houses whether it be Benedict, Colin, Mannix, McCarthy or Redwood. As well as competing across traditional events such as athletics and swimming, our houses add to the pastoral support and sense of community at St Bede’s through creating opportunities for our seniors to mentor and model expectations to our junior students.

Through the Bedean Learning Environment

We are all encouraged to reach our potential through our faith and by our actions while knowing we are valued, safe and supported.

Swimming Sports