Board of Proprietors

The St Bede’s College Board of Proprietors on behalf of the Society of Mary (who own the school, land and buildings) are responsible for the maintenance and development of the school buildings, the boarding school and preserving the Special Character of the school.

Mr Chris Mene (Chairperson), Mr Jon McDowall (Rector), Mr Peter Foley, Mrs Michelle Staples, Mr James Howard, Mr John O’Dea, Mr Michael Wilkes, Mrs Tina Giera.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are the controlling authority of the day school and are responsible for all educational governance matters.

Proprietor’s Appointees are Mrs Rebecca Methven (Presiding Member), Mr Mark Sutherland and Mrs Erin Kreft.

The Parent and Staff Trustees were elected in September 2022 for a three year term:
Mrs Melinda Baillie, Mr David Jackson, Mr Julian Meates, Mr James Burnside (Staff Representative), Mr Matt Ioane, Bede Gier (Student Representative).

The Foundation

The St Bede’s College Foundation Incorporated is a registered Charitable Trust under The Charities Act 2005. Its primary purposes are making grants and providing finance, buildings and facilities to the College. It was originally set up by the, now, Board of Proprietors and Board of Trustees to provide financial assistance for the College and is in fact operated now by a separate Board of Trustees which is answerable to the Board of Proprietors.

Foundations Trustees: Mr Rob Farrell (Chairman), Mr James Howard, Mr Garry Donnithorne.