St Bede’s College Charter 2017
St Bede’s College Strategic Plan (2015 – 2020)

GovernancePolicy DocumentsERO Report

Board of Proprietors (BOP)

The Society of Mary, who own the school land and buildings, vest authority in the St Bede’s College Board of Proprietors. The Board of Proprietors are responsible for the maintenance and development of the school buildings, the boarding school and preserving the Special Character of the school.

Mr Shane O’Brien (Chairperson), Mr Justin Boyle (Rector)
Mr John Callaghan, Mr Brett Chambers, Mr Mark Connell, Mrs Bernadette Earl, Mr John O’Dea, Mr Brent Ford.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

The Board of Trustees are the controlling authority of the day school and are responsible for all educational governance matters.

Proprietor’s Appointees are Trish McKendry, Warren Johnstone (Chair), Shane O’Brien and Anthony Lilley.

The Parent and Staff Trustees were elected in May 2016 for a three year term:
Marisha Dorrance, Lawrence Tamepo, Paul Visser, Mark Nevin, Robert de Roo and Richard Freeman (Staff Representative).

Mr Dave Brennan is a co-opted member of the Board of Trustees.

The Student Representative for 2016/17 (elected annually) is Yohan D’Cunha.

Board Secretary (BOP and BOT): Mrs Katrina High.