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House System

At the centre of the Pastoral Care system is the Tutor Group. These are organised vertically allowing students from each year level to get to know students at other levels of the College. It also enables Form Tutors to know students well, and guide them throughout their years at St Bede’s. This has benefits for every stage of the boys’ schooling, but can be especially beneficial when Year 9s and other new students arrive at the College. The Form Tutor reflect each student’s participation and involvement in their Tutor Group.

All Year 9 students at the College take part in the Peer Support programme. This is a comprehensive programme structured using Tutor Groups and Houses to provide an introduction to secondary school and ensure boys are aware of the support systems in the College.


Each Tutor Group is a member of a House, with the five House Tutors playing an essential part in the Pastoral Care systems at the College. House Tutors get to know their students well over the time that they are at St Bede’s, working alongside them in House activities, on Special Character occasions, in their tutor groups, and through the guidance and assertive discipline processes. With brothers usually placed in the same Houses, House Tutors often develop strong ties with boys’ parents.

The five Houses are Benedict, Colin, McCarthy, Mannix and Redwood.