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What should Parents/Caregivers do?

  • Keep son at home when sick
  • Establish good hygiene routines at home
  • Give plenty of fluids, water is best
  • Give 4-hourly panadol for headache and fever, maximum of eight 500mg tablets in 24 hours.

Absence Line: (03) 375 1879 Please use this phone number when reporting your son’s absence to the College.

When reporting absences, please also report the reason your son is not attending school so we can keep track of any illness trends.

Know the difference between a cold and the flu:

Cold Influenza
Mild illness Moderate / severe illness lasting 7-10 days
Mild fever High fever
Runny nose Shivering attacks
No muscular pain Muscular pain
Mild headache Severe headache
Occasional cough Dry cough may become moist
Occasionally bedridden
No vaccine Vaccine available

Worried about flu symptoms?

Call Canterbury Flu Line on 0800 37 30 37.

For more information visit www.fluinfo.org.nz