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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care involves the spiritual dimension but also caters for the physical and emotional well being of people both within and outside the school community. St Bede’s takes an holistic approach to Pastoral Care, with the Form and House Tutors in key roles and the importance of parent contact, communication and involvement emphasised. The services of the Guidance Network are available to all students. The College also aims to be proactive addressing potential problems before they occur, with correct class placement and subject choices seen as key to keeping students engaged in their learning.

Positive Consequences of Meeting Expectations

On top of their own achievements and personal satisfaction, students who meet and exceed classroom expectations may gain praise from the teacher, written positive comments praising good work, classwork referred on to Senior Staff, a positive Weekly Note, or a Gold Card. Parents may also be contacted to affirm good behaviour.

St Bede’s uses an Restorative Justice process to ensure uninterrupted classes and the health and safety of all members of the College community.

Guidance Network

An essential part of the development of each student is the need to ensure that there is adequate support and guidance to cater for his needs. The College has a comprehensive Guidance Network – which works in close liaison with the administration, teaching and assertive discipline structures – aimed at providing practical assistance on an individual basis. Such assistance is offered in response to needs perceived either by the Staff, or the student, or his parents.

The Guidance Network includes: