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Hardship Relief

It is the policy of the Catholic Church that all Catholic children have ready access to a Catholic education. It is the policy of St Bede’s College that no boy should be denied this right because of financial reasons. Therefore, families under financial duress can apply for partial relief of Attendance Dues. Unless exceptional circumstances exist, hardship rebates will be granted in part only, as all families are expected to pay at least something.

Attendance Dues are a compulsory levy payable by all students attending a State Integrated School. These fees are managed by the College Proprietors, and used to maintain and improve the Special Character of the College. In addition, costs for new classrooms, trying to keep smaller roll sizes, facilities for disabled and mainstream students as well as ongoing developments in technology and communications are also covered by Proprietors levies.

Specific criteria exist, and must be met in order to qualify for Attendance Dues Relief. An application for Hardship relief will only be considered on receipt of a fully completed Application Form and will considered by a committee comprising the Rector, Ministry Team Co-ordinator and the General Manager of the College.

For parents of prospective students, application should be made when enrolment is confirmed. For parents of existing students, application should be made as soon as reasonable after circumstances change.

For further enquiries regarding payment of school fees please contact Rachel Pitcaithly, Ministry Team Co-ordinator.