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Student Diary

The student diary is intended to help students build organizational skills and take responsibility for their own learning, and to assist in communication between parents and staff.

Parents are encouraged to look through their son’s diary to get a feel for his learning week, how his weekly notes are tracking and how they compare to his goals and what assessments he may have coming up.

In an effort to make the boys more accountable for their own learning, students are asked to set goals and make predictions for the coming week. This can then be compared with their weekly notes in each subject which will be written into their diary every Friday at form time.

All senior students are given an assessment outline for each subject which gives dates for internal assessments through the year. Boys are encouraged to use the diary along with a year planner, which is clearly visible in the place they regularly do their homework so that they are aware of the busy times for which they must plan.

Parents are always welcome to contact College staff directly; for non-urgent matters the student diary can be a helpful mode of communication.