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By May 17, 2023May 22nd, 2023No Comments

As the new term starts, we have been up and down with strike days, holidays and sickness. 

The Year 9s have been super busy learning our school haka and preparing for Feast Day, while the rest of the school has been training and getting ready for the arrival of winter sport in a couple of weeks. 

With sport being such an important part of a lot of Bedeans’ lives, it’s important to remember that a great athlete is built in the classroom. On the first day of term, the prefects and I reminded the boys of the school motto and our expectations. We build our values, leadership, and attitude in the classroom. We acknowledge the good athletes on the field, but representing St Bede’s is a privilege and we need to put the work in in the classroom to get the opportunity to play what we love outside the classroom. 

In other news, the boys are looking forward to Feast Day, on May 26, which many say is the highlight of the year. 

I wish everyone a safe and happy term and look forward to the weeks ahead.