St Bede’s College is proud to support the education of students from around the world.

International students have played a vital role in our boarding and wider school community, benefiting from unique opportunities for cultural exchange and personal growth.

Academic Programmes

At St Bede’s, we understand the importance of providing a supportive and enriching learning environment for our international students.

Our academic programme offers a diverse range of options tailored to meet your educational goals, whether you’re looking to pursue higher education or enhance your English language proficiency.

One of the key components of our programme is our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course. Designed specifically for non-native English speakers, this course focuses on developing the language skills necessary for academic success. From improving your academic writing and reading comprehension to honing your speaking and listening abilities, our EAP course will equip you with the linguistic tools needed to excel in your studies.

In addition to our EAP course, international students at St Bede’s have access to a wide array of academic options across various disciplines. Whether you’re interested in STEM subjects, humanities, business studies, or the arts, our curriculum offers a diverse range of courses taught by experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing high-quality education.

Student Experience

At St Bede’s, our international students embark on an enriching journey of exploration and discovery in one of New Zealand’s most vibrant cities.

Our student experience programme is meticulously crafted to immerse students in the local culture while also providing exciting opportunities to explore the breathtaking beauty of the South Island. Key highlights include:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand through a variety of cultural excursions. From exploring local museums and historical landmarks to hiking scenic trails and experiencing traditional Māori culture, our curated outings provide valuable insights into Kiwi life and heritage.

Connect with fellow international students and make lifelong friendships through a variety of social and recreational activities. From sports tournaments and cultural festivals to movie nights and weekend excursions, there’s always something exciting happening on campus and beyond.

Get ready to explore the stunning natural landscapes that surround Christchurch! Our outdoor adventure programme offers a range of exciting activities, including hiking in the Southern Alps, surfing at iconic beaches, and skiing in the nearby mountains. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a nature lover, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Our school and community offer a wide range of sports teams and clubs where students can hone their skills, compete with their peers, and stay active and healthy. St Bede’s offers more than 30 sports using our state-of-the-art facilities and expert coaching.

St Bede’s has a rich tradition of inspiring excellence across the Arts. Our programmes are designed with young men in mind as we foster a love of performance and showcase individual and collective talent. Students are given opportunities to express their creativity and unique cultures through a range of activities both in and out of the classroom as well as having many opportunities to share their gifts with our wider community. Alongside our specialised pathways in Music, Drama, Art and Cultural Studies, international students have endless opportunities to participate in co-curricular groups and activities. There is something for students of all ages and abilities, from Kapa Haka and Polyfest to our Bands, Choirs, Public Speaking, Orchestra, Theatre and Art Exhibitions.

With guided group tours of the South Island’s most iconic destinations, including Queenstown, Hanmer Springs, Akaroa, and Mt Cook, our international students have the opportunity to experience the best of Christchurch and New Zealand whilst here at school.

Student Support

Our student support programme is designed to ensure our international students feel welcomed, valued, and supported throughout their time at St Bede’s.

Whether students need assistance with academic challenges, navigating cultural differences, or simply adjusting to life in New Zealand, our team of experienced professionals is here to help.

Key Components of Our Programme:

We provide comprehensive orientation programs to help our international students navigate campus life, academic expectations, and cultural adjustment. From airport pickups to welcome events, we’re here to ensure a smooth transition and help you feel at home from day one.

Receive personalised academic support from qualified tutors and advisors who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your studies. Whether you need assistance with coursework, study skills, or exam preparation, we’re here to provide guidance and resources to help you excel academically.

Adjusting to a new culture can be a rewarding yet sometimes daunting experience. Our cultural integration initiatives provide opportunities for you to connect with fellow students, learn about New Zealand culture, and navigate cultural differences with confidence and ease.

Your health and well-being are our top priorities. International students benefit from our extensive range of support services, including our on-site psychologists, counsellors, nurses, and physiotherapists, as well as access to our fitness centre, pool, and gymnasium.

Finding suitable accommodation can be a challenge, especially in a new country. Our student support team can help you find safe and comfortable housing options that meet your needs and preferences, whether you choose to live on or off campus.

Navigating visa and immigration requirements can be complex. Our knowledgeable staff can provide guidance and assistance with visa applications, renewals, and compliance to ensure that your stay in New Zealand is hassle-free.

International Rugby Programme (IRP)

St Bede’s College has had long standing success in New Zealand rugby, with many of our students continuing on to exciting careers both around the country and globally.

IRP offers students aged 14-19 years old the opportunity to enhance their skills through world class coaching and mentoring, alongside academic and social experiences.

During the programme, students participate in sessions for rugby skills, English classes, weight training, speed and agility, mental skills, core strength, and video analysis.

The full 23-week programme aligns with the rugby season, running from March through to September, with shorter stays also available. Students have the option to stay beyond the end of the IRP season to attend regular ESOL and other classes. Accommodation (homestays organised by the College), food, uniform, insurance and administration costs are included in the overall fee.

For more information on the International Rugby Programme please contact:

Our International Team

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Ruth Major

International Students Administrator

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