Bedean Community Fund

    Please complete this form (required for receipting) if you are making a direct credit donation to the Bedean Community Fund to assist our students whose families have been severely impacted financially by Covid-19.

    $3,500 (Equivalent to one year’s full fees for a Bedean)$1,500 (Equivalent to one year’s attendance fees for a Bedean)$500 (Equivalent to an extra-curricular contribution for a Bedean)$100 (Equivalent to purchasing some school kit for a Bedean)Other (please enter the amount below)

    After pressing 'send form' below, please deposit your direct credit donation into bank account 02 0816 0091232 001
    Please reference your donation with "BCAppeal" (Bedean Community Appeal) and your full name

    * All funds will be distributed at the discretion of the sub-committee

    Information for credit card payments can be found here.