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Six Pillars

At St Bede’s, aspects of the guiding philosophy and strategies of the College are referred to as the Six Pillars and are embedded in the life of the College. The Six Pillars are:

Special Character

We expect that each Bedean will strive

  • to take the opportunity to develop, or further develop, a strong and enduring relationship with God;
  • to have respect for himself and others;
  • to develop a strong and vital sense of social justice; and,
  • to live the Bedean motto ‘Fide et Opere’ – By Faith and Work.


We expect that each Bedean will strive

  • to enter into the full partnership of their parents’ and family’s involvement with the College in their education at St Bede’s;
  • to have pride in St Bede’s, in what he and his fellow students achieve;
  • to actively support by presence and participation all College activities; and,
  • to tolerate and respect diversity, and to promote acceptance and friendship as a firm foundation for the gospel values by which we aspire to live.


We expect that each Bedean will strive

  • to develop sound work habits and organizational skills through daily planning;
  • to achieve everything he is capable of achieving;
  • to learn to communicate well, because strong written and oral skills are critical to his future success and fulfillment; and,
  • to leave St Bede’s knowing he is accountable and responsible for his own learning throughout life.


We expect that each Bedean will strive

  • to discover and use to the utmost his gifts for music, art, drama and public speaking;
  • to recognize the importance for young men to move out of their comfort zone and explore and enjoy the arts; and,
  • to recognize the integral part that culture plays in developing the whole person.


We expect that each Bedean will strive

  • to discover and use to the utmost his physical and sporting talents;
  • to undertake the best physical and mental preparation possible for his sport;
  • to develop a sound approach to competition, learning to win with humility and lose with grace, but always give his best; and,
  • to learn good teamwork by respecting and valuing the contribution of every team member.


We expect that each Bedean who boards will strive

  • to enter fully into boarding life from which stems much of the rich heritage of St Bede’s;
  • to become part of the Catholic community that characterizes boarding life at St Bede’s; and,
  • to contribute fully to the safe and secure environment of boarding life which gives rise to good study habits and whole-hearted participation in life at St Bede’s.