Learning Pathways

Men Of Knowledge

Our Learning Pathway Programmes are crafted to ignite curiosity and stimulate critical thinking, equipping young men for the challenges of tomorrow.

Years 9 and 10

In Years 9 and 10 students, in collaboration with staff and whānau, select a course that reflects their interests, aspirations and next steps in learning. They can select up to four different learning packages from each curriculum area. This ensures our students experience a robust and balanced curriculum whilst having the ability to engage in learning that captures their imagination and curiosity.

Using this information, students are placed in ‘Common Classes’. Common classes bring together students with shared interests and abilities, enabling us to provide a targeted and bespoke learning programme for each student.

Year 11

In Year 11 at St Bede’s students begin to define their academic journey. That’s why we provide a dynamic learning environment that champions flexibility and choice, empowering students to tailor their educational experience to suit their interests, strengths, and future aspirations.

With a wide array of subjects and pathways available, students have the freedom to explore diverse disciplines, from core subjects to specialised electives. Whether it’s delving into advanced sciences, diving into the intricacies of literature, or cultivating practical skills through vocational courses, our curriculum is designed to meet the unique needs and ambitions of every student.

Years 12 & 13

In Years 12 and 13, we understand the significance of preparing students for their future endeavours. That’s why we provide a robust learning environment that prioritises flexibility and choice, empowering students to shape their educational journey according to their passions, strengths, and ambitions.

With a diverse range of subjects and qualification options available, students have the opportunity to customise their academic pathway to suit their individual strengths and interests. Whether pursuing rigorous academic courses to prepare for university, engaging in vocational pathway, exploring entrepreneurial ventures, or delving into specialised subjects to explore niche interests, our senior curriculum is designed to cater to the diverse needs of every student.

We empower Year 12 and 13 students to take ownership of their learning, fostering independence, critical thinking, and a lifelong passion for knowledge. Together, we nurture the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of tomorrow, preparing them to excel in higher education and thrive in a rapidly evolving world