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Ash Wednesday is the start of the Lenten period. Lent lasts for 40 days, and is a time of preparation time leading up to Easter. The 40 days reflect Jesus’ 40 days in the desert before he began his public teaching. The Christian tradition tells us that during this period we commit to giving something up or doing something extra to help us prepare for Jesus’ Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

As a College we will be committing to various activities during the Lenten season – activities that make the connection faith and work, Fide et Opere. Lent is a time we can focus on being ‘otherish’ – looking at putting others before ourselves. It is a time to focus on almsgiving – giving to others in time, service and needed items ; prayer – spending time talking with God and fasting – denying ourselves of some pleasures we have or practicing self-control.

We gathered together as a College faith community to receives our Ashes at the start of the day. Our ashes were blessed then distributed by the College prefect team.