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NCEA Notices

  • NCEA Information Sheet is a brochure for students and their parents outlining NCEA Requirements
  • For further information on NCEA, go to Understanding NCEA
  • A Digital Resource has recently been updated and is also available on the website. The How NCEA works video is a popular animation that provides basic information about NCEA and is particularly useful as an initial overview for parents and students new to secondary school.
  • Smartphone App. The NCEA Guide App includes a link to the more detailed UE information on the website, as well as plenty of useful advice about NCEA itself.
  • All resources produced by NZQA are free of charge.

    School policy on absence for an NCEA internal
    Please note that if your son is absent for reasons beyond his control (e.g. accident, illness, bereavement), where feasible, the student will be allowed to attempt the assessment or a full reassessment opportunity will be available. If an assessment task is missed then independent documentation (i.e. medical certificate, etc) must be supplied.
    Similarly for any school authorised absence for out of class activities such as EOTC trips, sporting and cultural fixtures, involving representation of the College and representation at a national level the absences will be considered legitimate and the student, where feasible, will be allowed to attempt the assessment or a full further assessment opportunity will be available. Full details are in the booklet issued to students in Term One- NQF Faculty policies and Procedures, Information for Students and Parents.

    NCEA Fees
    The college collects and processes fees and forwards them on NZQA. Once the school has passed
    the fees on, any late payments must be made directly to NZQA and will be subject to a $50 late payment fee. NB NZQA do not release a student’s results if these fees are not paid.
    If you require a financial assistance form please contact Barbara Rusbridge ph 3750647 ex 833 so this can be processed in time.

    On-line Learning Facility NetNZ is a community of secondary and area schools from the Otago, Canterbury, Southland, and West Coast regions who work together to provide online learning opportunities for their students based on the New Zealand Curriculum. Further information.

    Vocations Planning – look at this site to assist your son with his future planning, http://youthguarantee.net.nz/vocational-pathways/
    This site was set up by the Ministry of Education to provide assistance for students to plan future vocational pathways. It identifies FIVE sectors and allies these with NCEA achievement. In effect,it identifies what employers in that industry require from school leavers and illustrates to students the relevance of NCEA learning and achievement.