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Learning Support

The Learning Support Department gives assistance and support to those students affected by a wide range of learning disabilities.
If your son has previously had help with a special learning need please let us know. It is particularly important that you let us know of any diagnosed learning problems such as Dyspraxia, Dyslexia or other Specific Learning Difficulties and any diagnosed behavioural difficulties such as ADHD or Aspergers. We can then put strategies in place to make your son’s school experience as positive as possible. This is particularly important in preparation for NCEA examinations as students with diagnosed learning disabilities are entitled to reader/writer assistance. However, students must be tested to qualify for this assistance and this process takes some time.

Boys’ Reading
As adults we all know the benefits of reading but getting your son interested in reading can be very challenging. The link below provides some interesting ideas about how to get boys engaged in reading, along with text suggestions for boys of a range of ages:

National Library Services to Schools Website Engaging Boys with Reading