The International Rugby Programme (IRP)

The International Rugby Programme is designed to provide incoming rugby players with an exceptional opportunity to develop their potential to the maximum extent possible.

It includes:
• four skills sessions a week (run/catch/pass, contact, defence and decision-making)
• weight training (3 times a week)
• speed & agility sessions
• ball games
• core stability session
• English (7 hours including some rugby-related activities)
• those who speak good English may request permission to do two streams of regular academic classes.

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St Bede’s College IRP Contact:

Mark Ealey, Director of International Rugby Programme:

ラグビー留学 ・ ニュージーランド

Programme Dates

Full Programme: 22 weeks: Third week of March to third week of August.

Accommodation and Meals

Boys stay in the Boarding House and girls are in home stays.
Three meals are provided each day in both arrangements.

Local Support

A member of the International Division staff will provide close support to ensure that the player’s physical and mental well-being is given priority. Detailed orientation is provided after arrival in Christchurch and ongoing support is offered to help students settle into the school and their home stays.

Rugby Teams

Boys: Depending upon the player’s ability, the boys play in the 1st XV, or an age-grade team. Only two foreign players can play in the 1st XV. These teams train twice a week after school with a game played on Saturdays. A player here for the full programme will participate in about 20 games.
Girls: Play for a combined team which practises once a week and plays on Wednesdays after school and/or for a local senior women’s club team that plays on Saturdays and practises twice a week in the evening. Playing for a club is optional.

Michael Leitch, (Chiefs NZ; Sunwolves, Japan)

I firmly believe that studying abroad helps cultivate a strong character. While abroad, in addition to all the enjoyable situations, at times you will be uncomfortable – you will find yourself in unfamiliar situations, outside your comfort zone. As a result, you must learn to adapt and cope with your surroundings. Not only do you learn to survive away from home, but more importantly, you learn how to get yourself through tough times. With the world becoming so much more competitive, such resilience is vital for your future – the ability to adapt to the abnormal, understanding different cultures, how to be flexible, how to communicate and how to be independent – things that cannot be seen on certificates or bought. They are gained from experience, so time out of your comfort zone in an appropriate environment is the key. These skills will help you do well in life.

The International Rugby Programme is a great way to for a young person to gain experiences that build solid life skills. The St. Bede’s College International Rugby Programme is second to none, both in terms of content and player support, and Christchurch has one of the most competitive schoolboy competitions in NZ. St. Bede’s College is where I played my high school rugby in New Zealand and where, by meeting players in the early years of the IRP, I developed my interest in Japan. It is where the early stages of my rugby career took off. I wish all those involved in the St. Bede’s College International Rugby Programme well and encourage young rugby players to challenge themselves on the same fields that I played on 15 or more years ago.

セント・ビーヅ・カレッジ・インターナショナルラグビープログラムは、内容と選手サポートの両面で、どの学校にも劣りません。カンタベリーは、ニュージーランドで最も高校ラグビーのリーグレベルが高い地域です。セント・ビーヅ・カレッジは、私の母校でラグビーをした場所でもあり、ラグビープログラムの早期に多くの日本人選手達に出会い、日本に興味を持ちました。それは、私のラグビーキャリアの初期段階が始まったところです。 このインターナショナルラグビープログラムが順調に運び、若いラグビー選手達が、私が15年以上前にラグビーをした同じ学校でチャレンジする事を奨励します。