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St Bede’s College International Student accepted for Seoul National University in 2018
Congratulations, to Ho Sung Kim, a Year 13 student and International Student Leader, who has been successful in his application to Seoul University, Korea, for 2018.
Ho Sung came to St Bede’s College in 2014 and graduated this year. He has been involved in many activities in the school, in particular the student volunteer group and as the International Student Leader. Ho Sung balanced these activities with his academic study, but also had time to younger international students with adjusting to school life and the New Zealand style of teaching and learning.
Ho Sung was also accepted for Yonsei University, but chose the School of Engineering at Seoul for his tertiary education.
We wish Ho Sung well in his future and thank him for his contribution to St Bede’s College.

St Bede’s College International Student to study art in Italy
Sho Sasaki, Year 13, has been a successful art and design student since coming to the College in 2015. He has won College prizes for excellence in Art and Design and Visual Communication from 2015- 17.
He chose to come to St Bede’s College after visiting the College in 2014 and talking with Mr Mullen and Mr Hubble. He has made many friends with similar interests in art, but also in the boarding school where he was a boarding leader this year.
It was especially pleasing to have his parents join us for the Leavers’ Breakfast, Senior Prize Giving and Leavers’ Mass.
Sho has chosen to continue his study of art in Italy, from July 2018.
We wish Sho success in his future as an artist.