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Senior Prize Giving 2018

The following awards were presented during the Senior Prize-giving on Thursday 1 November. Congratulations to all prize winners and those who work hard and strive for excellence.

Senior Special Awards

Year 11 Board of Honour Prize for the Year 11 student who received the most top Weekly Notes Certificates 

  •  Awarded to Zephry Quartly

The George Fulguirinas Cup for a student who has overcome challenges when faced with adversity 

  •  Awarded to Charles Spice

The PTA Award - Outstanding Role Model in the Learning Support Department 

  •  Awarded to Tom Weston

The Bishop Hanrahan Memorial Cup for Religious Education

  •  Awarded to Tristan Mendoza

Year 12 Board of Honour Prize for the Year 12 student who received the most top Weekly Notes Certificates

  • Awarded to  Tristan Mendoza

Father Gerard Mills Scholarship for the Year 12 student who has contributed to & provided leadership in the cultural life of the College 

  •  Awarded to Matteo Brennan and Andy Stewart

The Vernon Griffiths Award for Singing 

  •  Awarded to Norbert Muller

The Sir Walter Clifford Cup for Debating 

  •  Awarded to Nickol Crews 

The MM & JJ Kavanagh Memorial Prize for Oratory 

  •  Awarded to Robert Methven

The Sean O'Brien Memorial Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in an Individual Sport 

  •  Awarded to Andres Hernandez

The Clayton Cosgrove Cup for Leadership and Service 

  •  Awarded to Alan Alex and Joe Bradley

The Carl Sweeney Memorial Trophy for Best and Most Generous Use of Personal Talent 

  •  Awarded to Norbert Muller

The Brodie Gold Medal for Religious Knowledge 

  •  Awarded to Arish Abalos

The Diligence Gold Medal for the Year 13 student(s) who received the most top Weekly Notes in 2018 

  •  Awarded to Matthew Allman and Jayden Brown

The JC Colin Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Special Character of the College  

  • Awarded to Ethan Evans

Blue Riband: The Ignatius O'Boyle Cup & Gold Medal for Best & Most Generous Use of Talent in all aspects of School life 

  •  Awarded to Robert Methven

The Instrumental Music Award 

  •  Awarded to Matt McCarthy

Sportsman of the Year - The Father Scambary Cup 
(Awarded by the Parents Association)

  • Awarded to Tyler Mounty

The Cup for Proxime Accesit for Runner up to Dux

  • Awarded to Kalem Edlin

The Grimes Gold Medal Dux of the College 

  •  Awarded to Matthew Allman