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Rebuild Update


  • Council certification is imminent.
  • Ms Calie Cron and Mrs Brenda Bickerstaff have been moving in furniture etc. in anticipation of the go ahead to use the building.
  • There are a few ongoing touch-ups and the exterior works will take 2-3 weeks more.
  • As part of the exterior reinstatement, Mrs Clare Kissick has secured two additional basketball hoops which are being installed as part of the process.


  • Naylor Love have wasted no time since the roof lift in installing the remainder of the structural steel.
  • They are now erecting their safety platforms prior to commencing work on the remainder of the Chapel roof.
  • Work is also progressing on the Office / Sacristy area on the Brodie side of the Chapel.
  • Work is about to commence on the main Chapel floor insulation, prior to the pouring of what will be the finished Chapel floor slab.


  • Work continues on the northern and western elevation foundation strengthening.
  • Replacement of the Music Room roof has commenced and should be completed within the next week.
  • Reinstatement of the Music Room floor joists has commenced

PAC Extension

  • Wiring and services is underway in the new foyer area.
  • Aluminium framing has been installed along the southern wall of the extension.

See Photo's attached.