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Junior Prizegiving

Prizegiving List - Special Awards

Junior Sportsman of the Year

  • Jake Dunn

This year’s recipient is a member of the NZ Karate team. He is already an Oceania and New Zealand Champion. He has won far too many medals and titles to list, but when you add them all up, to date he has won an impressive 26 Gold medals, 25 Silver Medals and 14 Bronze medals in NZ and International competition.

The Junior Oratory Cup

  • Danny Coyle

The Claire Jackson Memorial Cup for Junior Debating

  • Todd Evans

The Senator Robert Kennedy Memorial Cup for General Knowledge

  • Gregor Creagh

The Brownlee Cup for Junior Drama

  • Adam Walker

The Year 9 Cup for Academic Endeavour

  • Jack Hendren

The Year 10 Junior Memorial Cup for Endeavour

  • Todd Evans

The Matthew Rough Memorial Cup

  • Hayden Monaghan

The Board of Honour Scholarship for Year 9
Awarded to the student who receives the most top Weekly Notes certificates during the year. The award pays the school attendance fees for the year.

  • Nicholas Murphy

The Board of Honour Scholarship for Year 10 and the Mrs J N Taylor Memorial Prize 

For the most diligent student - also awarded to the student with the most top Weekly Notes certificates

  • Ollie Ryde