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Hohepa Canterbury 2019 Best Speaker Awards

Congratulations to Dean Williamson who took part in the 2019 Best Speaker Awards in Hohepa Canterbury.

Dean was awarded 1st place after delivering a well-rehearsed speech titled ‘Why I love living in Aotearoa, New Zealand’ to a panel of judges from the Rotary Club Lincoln on Tuesday 4 June. Dean shared many of his favourite New Zealand delights including food, music and the friendly kiwi banter. 

Dean has challenged himself and overcome many obstacles in order to achieve such an award and has gathered the school community together in living out the Bedean motto of ‘Everyone matters’. 

Dean was greeted with a standing ovation at assembly after delivering a heartfelt and humorous speech. With feedback from the judges on the night commenting that Dean should have his own TV show, I have no doubt that we will be seeing this young man again in the future.