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An update...

CanTeen 2018

‘Thank you’ hardly seems enough . . .

To all of you who helped support our 2018 campaign through sponsorship, accommodation, food, baking, washing, cleaning . . . the works . . .I say thank you! To have seen the looks on the faces of our boys, the Marian students and the representatives from CanTeen when the amount was read out was unforgettable.

These words from Deputy Head Boy, Alan Alex, sum the campaign up beautifully –

Now as we come closer to revealing the total amount, it’s easy to get carried away with the success of this campaign solely based on the amount of this cheque. Yes, the goal was to raise as much money as we can but at the end of the day it’s only a physical symbol of this campaign.

What has the same or even more impact on the young people that CanTeen helps, is knowing that there are teenagers out there who, although are complete strangers, are willing to come together to support them in their toughest of times.

It's this hope that gives them the drive to face every day with optimism and every day of the treatment with courage and resilience. It is not only the patients themselves benefit from this, as we learned in such a powerful way when George talked about and his Mum's battle with cancer. Cancer affects us in many ways.

If this campaign gives a single individual the hope, courage and resilience to face another day, that to us is a success in itself that cannot be measured by a cheque.