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Bishop Lyons Shield 2019

Last weekend the Bishop Lyons Shield was held at Catholic Cathedral College. It was a fantastic weekend with incredible hospitality shown by the staff, students and whanau of CCC.

This annual event sees the seven Colleges of the Christchurch Diocese gather together to compete in six public speaking categories. 

On Sunday morning we all joined together for Mass celebrated by +Paul which was a beautiful celebration of the Eucharist. 

At the end of the weekend Catholic Cathedral College won the shield for the first time . . . everybody was delighted for them! We finished a well deserved second with the following results:

  • Impromptu Speech : Luke Challies, unplaced. (Mr Liam Foley, coach)
  • Debating: Luca Scragg, Cian Hallissey, George DeMarco, placed 2nd (Mrs Nola Kilpatrick, coach)
  • Junior Prepared Speech: Daniel Coyle, placed 1st (Mrs Jacqueline MacKean, Ms Holly Growden, coaches)
  • Senior Prepared Speech: Andy Stewart, placed 2nd. (Miss Morgan Lynn, coach)
  • Scripture Reading in Te Reo: Reuben Stoffers, unplaced (only came into the team Friday morning! Fr Allan and Matua Wiremu Pickering, coaches)
  • Religious Questions: Luke Robb, Matteo Brennan, Nick O’Neill, placed second (Mr Steve Entwistle, coach)

Well done to all the coaches and students involved . . .and thank you for the hard work you put into your events.