Scholarships are awarded to a range of areas and levels of study eg. undergraduate or post graduate.  They also vary in the types of costs they cover; eg. tuition fees only or all course costs and some of your living expenses.  There are thousands of scholarships, grants and awards available.

To be awarded a scholarship, you need to meet certain criteria such as:

  • area of study
  • academic merit
  • community service or involvement
  • ethnicity
  • financial hardship
  • the industry or trade
  • leadership
  • the region you grew up in, or where you plan to study.

Scholarships from Universities, Polytechnics and Wānanga

Many Universities, Polytechnics and other education providers offer their own scholarships, grants and awards. There’s often a scholarships officer or career adviser who can tell you what scholarships you may be eligible for (whether they’re offered by the university or by someone else). These tertiary education providers may also have a list of scholarships on their websites, including eligibility criteria and application forms.

To find out more, check out the different options below.

  • Regional
  • Maori
  • Pacific Island &
  • International Student Scholarships


Check them out: Money Hub Scholarships Link

Check out the Scholarship database GivMe available at the Public Libraries or you can access it from home if you have a Public Library card and PIN. You enter details about yourself and proposed area of study and a search is made for suitable scholarships.