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Our Chapel, Your Legacy

The Chapel of St Bede is the cornerstone of the College. It is where Bedeans gather to worship, learn and grow. The Chapel has always played a special role in shaping the lives of the young men who passed through its doors.

When this significant building was lost in the Christchurch earthquakes, the College was left without a dedicated space for the Bedean community to gather in faith. While worship has continued in a small converted building, this does not fully hold the same spirit as a holy space. Just as Christ is central to the College’s existence, the Chapel is central to St Bede’s as a strong and visible witness of its values.

The new Chapel will be vital in how St Bede’s educates and develops students; it is part of what forms the special character of the College and where values, faith and strength are grown. This is why the St Bede’s Board of Proprietors and College leadership have decided to undertake a necessary project to restore the Chapel to the school in 2019.

The time to work together and restore the Chapel of St Bede is now. The Chapel is the College’s most important building and its rebuild must be seen through to completion. This can be done through the strong network of Bedeans, so we, the Board and school leadership, invite you to join with us in supporting this project to honour the past and build a legacy for the future.

Chapel of St Bede, August 2019