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About the Club

The St Bedes College Cricket Club has over 140 members with 13 teams entered in the Christchurch Metro Cricket competitions. Ben McCord is our Director of Cricket and he leads a team of qualified coaches who are assigned to every team from the Club.

Teams practice twice weekly and as from the second half of the 2018 season will be able to utilise the new Cricket Practice centre being developed in collaboration with the North West Christchurch Community Sporting Trust
The cricket season is for the calendar year. Once a player has committed to a SBC Cricket side in January, they are committed to that side until the end of that season – the following December.

News Updates

The Club recognises that an effective communication plan in today’s busy world is multi channelled. At St Bede’s our club‘s Facebook group is the primary “go to” communication channel. You can sign up to our Facebook group here FacebookGroup

We also have regular newsletters going out to those with email addresses and, finally, the weekly St Bede’s school newsletter will have important information for all cricketers during the season.

Cricket Club Contacts

 Chairman  Bruce Devlin   chairman@stbedescricket.school.nz
 Treasurer  Jenny Stirling  treasurer@stbedescricket.school.nz
 Secretary  Neil Campbell  secretary@stbedescricket.school.nz
 Director of Cricket  Ben McCord  director@stbedescricket.school.nz
 Cricket Co-ordinator  Lisa McGregor  coordinator@stbedescricket.school.nz
 St Bede’s Director of Sport  Clare Kissick  ckissick@stbedes.school.nz

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Explain how St Bede’s cricket fees are set and how are the funds used?

    St Bede’s subs are reviewed at the end of each year for the following year and are ratified at the AGM early in the New Year. What is important to note is that income from player subscriptions makes up just 45% of the income required to run cricket for a season. Memberships Fees are primarily used to fund professional coaching for all teams. All coaches are qualified and are paid to coach their teams

  2. What is the St Bedes’ team selection process and can players progress to a higher grade during a season? If so, what are the criteria?

    Teams at St Bede’s are chosen for the calendar year (Jan-Dec). Year 9 teams are chosen shortly after the Year 9 camp. Other teams are based on knowledge of the players by the coaches. Teams are chosen by the team coaches, in collaboration with club coaches, but boys may, and do, move between teams during the season based on consistent performances, team fit and balance.

  3. How will the cricket coaching programme operate at St Bede’s this coming season and what will be the point of difference from past seasons?

    All teams have been assigned a head coach, and will have two practice sessions a week unless an alternative arrangement is agreed. All these sessions will be attended by a “club” coach employed by the club, and coaches will be assisted by designated helpers. Coaches will have formal feedback from the Saturday managers regarding performances. This will be considered when making team selections and developing targeted coaching in collaboration with the club coaches.
    Plans are being developed for wet practice days, where boys will have classroom sessions on different areas of cricket, including umpiring and scoring.

  4. How can I get individual help (specialist coaching) outside team practices?

    The club is fortunate to have skilled and specialist coaches available and willing to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask. You can do this by talking to the director of coaching Ben McCord.

  5. If I didn’t play cricket for St Bede’s in Term One but now I am keen to join a team, can I still join and what do I do to register my interest?

    You can also talk to the St Bedes Sport Director your intention. This year St Bede’s cricket has an ambitious recruitment plan so we are very keen to get players representing St Bede’s. You will be most welcome at the club. However, once you have signed up to a team there is an expectation that you will be committed to play cricket for the full year.

  6. Will my son’s team have a coach this coming season and, if so, when will this be communicated together with confirmation of his team and practice times?

    All teams have been assigned a head coach, and will generally have two practice sessions a week. These sessions will be attended by a “club” coach employed by the club, and coaches will be assisted by designated helpers. Coaches and practice timetables will be communicated via email and will be posted on the website by early February. See the Practice Timetable for practice times for the various teams

  7. How can I keep up to date with what is available through Christchurch Youth Cricket (Metro cricket), i.e., coaching/fixtures, etc?
    You can go to the Canterbury Cricket website http://christchurchmetrocricket.com/youth-cricket


Please support the following sponsors of St Bedes Cricket. Their support is critical to ensure that the club has the necessary revenue to keep growing and developing the sport at St Bedes. We are always looking for businesses that are interested in supporting our club through Sponsorship. If you are interested in the details please contact the Club Chairman for a Sponsorship Pack

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