Bedean Magazine Archive

The annual publication, The Bedean, is well-known to every old boy and has become an institution unto itself. The first Bedean magazine was published in 1923, largely funded by the newly established Old Boys’ Association. The early editions of The Bedean were community publications designed for current staff, students, and old boys alike. They featured reports on sporting teams, exam results, and the happenings of old boys. The 1923 edition, 56 pages long with only eleven photographs, is a far cry from the 200-plus brightly illustrated pages of The Bedean today.

Thanks to a Lottery Environment and Heritage grant, and through the wonders of technology, we have digitised every Bedean magazine from over the years, making them accessible for old boys and their families to enjoy. We invite you to explore our history, whether from 100 years ago or last year. Every Bedean is searchable, so you can easily find your name, or those of past family and friends.

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