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Maadi Cup Success

St Bede’s has a great tradition in rowing dating back to when it began in 1956 and the sport boasts the most number of NZ representatives of any other sports code. Over 50 students have either rowed, coached or administered to a national level and every Olympic team since 1960 has had an old boy associated with the NZ rowing squad.

Rowing at St Bede’s has relied upon the generosity of coaches, parents and old boys who have supported this comparatively expensive sport, just as much by the sweat of their brows and hard work than wealthy benefactors. Other schools with greater resources to call upon marvel at how St Bede’s is so successful given the resources available.

The same level of support was evident last week with a huge contingent of parents, old boys of all ages and families in attendance, joining the crowd of well over 10,000.

So expectations were high, especially after the crew won the South Islands and then were top qualifier in the heats early in the week. I don’t know much about rowing but it seems to me like a chess game of logistics and planning and preparation and many factors can play a part in a top performance—weather, water conditions, lane position, performing in front of enormous crowds, expectations of so many supporters and the associated nerves all play a part. To race their fastest time and come second deserves the highest praise and congratulations.


U18 Eight – Simon Ellis, Liam McArthur, Tremaine Cragg-Love, Matthew Lilley, Cameron Scott, Thomas
Paterson, Jake Carmody, David Brydon and Josh Dolan (Cox)
Novice Eight – Logan Preston, Jack Bell, Josh Van Der Plas, Jack Gillon, Hamish Sanders, Ryan Pinnell, Angus
Haines, Joe Meates and Frano Stanicich (Cox)


U17 Eight – Nathan Arscott, Liam McArthur, Simon Ellis, Thomas Paterson, Jake Carmody, George Davidson,
Liam Anderson, James Tranter and Josh Dolan (Cox)

4th Place

U18 Four – David Brydon, Tremaine Cragg-Love, Matthew Lilley, Cameron Scott and Josh Dolan Cox
U16 Eight – Jake van Peer, Connor James, Thomas Reid, Harrison Joseph, Tyler McKendry, Jack Gillon, Isaac Schimanski, Jack Bell and Josh Dolan (Cox)

5th Place

U16 Four – Jake Van Peer, T Reid, Harrison Joseph, Connor James and Connor Martin Cox

6th Place

Novice Eight (No 2) – Sam Johnstone, Sam Moore, Nick James, Nick Meates, Samuel Marshall, William Coughlan, Peter Earl, Patrick Harnett and Ciaran Taylor (Cox)

8th Place

U18 four (No 2) – Simon Ellis, Liam McArthur, Thomas Paterson, Jake Carmody and Finn Taylor Cox

Noteable achievements from the week were:

• The best results in Maadi Cup races since St Bede’s won it in 1991 (23 years)
• The fastest recorded time for a St Bedes Eight – 5.57.99
• The first time St Bedes have had 2 Fours in the Final of the U18 four and best result (4th) since a 4th in 1998.
• 2 boys gaining New Zealand Junior Trials – Matthew Lilley and Tremaine Cragg-Love (First time that 2 Bedeans have gained trials in the same year)
• 6 boys gaining South Island U18 Trials – Simon Ellis, Liam McArthur, Thomas Paterson, Jake Carmody, Jordan Kennedy and Josh Dolan

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