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There are four scholarships available for boys entering St Bede’s at Year 9. All applicants are required to be Catholic.

  • The John Twomey Boarding Scholarship – provides a Year 9 boarder with a partial boarding scholarship.
  • The Board of Trustees Day Boy Scholarship – covers full attendance fees for two years and is renewable annually after this time.
  • The SBCOBA War Memorial & Jubilee Trust Scholarship – covers full attendance fees for two years. The recipient must be the grandson or lineal descendant of old boys NZ servicemen who served in the NZ armed forces in either World War I or II.
  • The Fitzgerald Family Scholarship – covers full attendance fees for three years. Open to day boys and boarders.
  • All the scholarships awarded are based on the results of the Common Entrance Assessment Test (CEAT) and scholarship examination held in November. Register your interest in these scholarships by requesting an Information and Response from the Rector’s office rector@stbedes.school.nz once your son has been offered a place.

    The Ministry of Education has various bursaries and allowances available.

    • School Boarding Bursary – eligibility is determined by the distance the student lives from the nearest state school or school bus stop. The distance being 4.8km for a child over the age of 10 years. More information.
    • Secondary School Technical Bursary – available for Year 10 and 11 students. Eligibility is determined by a student not being able to obtain tuition in at least two approved subjects at their local school. The student’s course must include at least four nationally approved subjects.

    Application forms are available from the local branch of the Ministry of Education or the College office.