Weekly Notes

As part of the College’s holistic approach to Pastoral Care, we have a Weekly Notes system which clearly communicates and rewards Academic Discipline.

Subject Teachers

Every week each subject teacher gives each student a grade 1-5 for effort in that subject. 1 is the lowest mark and 5 is the highest. Each week all the subject grades are added up, with the weekly average giving an indication of what sort of effort the students is putting in. Form Tutors give out Weekly Notes on a Friday to be written into the appropriate space in the Student Diary, and House Tutors also publish a list of the House’s Notes. In addition, Weekly Notes are emailed home to parents on Friday.

Weekly notes are issued using the following guideline:

  • 1 = Very Poor – Negative, Disruptive, Consistently Late, Disorganised, Unprepared, Uncooperative
  • 2 = Poor – Inconsistent, Late, Unmotivated, Erratic, Often Unprepared
  • 3 = Satisfactory – Generally on Time, Makes Ordinary Effort, Meets Basic Requirements
  • 4 = Good – Punctual, Participates, Positive, Prepared, Organised
  • 5 = Excellent – Enthusiastic, Punctual, Participates Willingly, Well Organised, Cooperative

Good Weekly Notes

An average of 4 or more gains a House point. The highest average in each year level gains 3 House points and a Top Notes certificate. At the end of the year the student who gains top Weekly Notes most regularly gets his school fees paid for him the following year. Most importantly, students who do well get the satisfaction of knowing they have worked hard and to the best of their ability.

Poor Weekly Notes

An average of below 2.75 means that a student is ‘off the board’. Off the board students must report to their House Tutor at the end of Friday Tutor Group. They will then have a detention to do after school on that day to catch up on work they have not done well. Students who are off the board are expected to see the teachers who gave bad notes for work to do in that detention.

Form Tutors

Each week Form Tutors give students a grade between 1-5, reflecting each student’s general cooperation, participation in form class, tidiness, punctuality, and the like. This grade will be averaged out and put on students’ reports so that parents can see how they are getting on in Tutor Group time.

We are communicating to the boys that a ‘3’ is merely doing the business; and all boys should be aiming at 4s and 5s.