College Staff

We will love each other as brothers and sisters, honour each other with a mutual affection and respect, together always with Christian courtesy, so that our pupils, having this example before them, will learn to act towards each other with greater love. We will avoid all jokes which, no matter how innocent they may be in themselves, hurt the person who is their object. We will not indulge in ridicule nor take sides against one another. We will keep clear of all kinds of speech which are offensive or disrespectful towards one another. Remember that the eyes of our pupils are on us constantly. We will support each other in our faults and defects and have for each other a ‘solidarity’. Fr Colin, on relationships between the staff.

Within the wider Bedean family, St Bede’s has a strong sense of community among its staff. From this collegial and supportive environment, staff are committed to the development and education of the students.

Staff Email Addresses

The Board of Trustees recognises the essential contribution and commitment that staff make to the College in a variety of areas, and aims for St Bede’s to be a desirable place to both work and teach at. According to the idea of lifelong learning, opportunities for good professional development are seen as key, and the Board is very supportive of staff following their own courses of study.

The College has recently completed the RAFA (Raising Achievement For All) and ICTPD cluster programmes, allowing beneficial collaborative work with the other schools involved. Both of these contested Ministry of Education initiatives complement other aspects of professional development at St Bede’s and allow staff to collaborate with colleagues from other schools. There is weekly timetabled professional development for all teaching staff, and the role of Specialist Classroom Teacher allows further advice and development for individuals.