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Tertiary Grants

At the beginning of Term 3, the many tertiary institutions throughout the country start signalling closing dates for scholarship applications for the following year.

  • Sullivan Scholarship
    For students intending to study medicine at Otago or Auckland Universities. Criteria for the Sullivan Scholarship is that you have to be a member of a Roman Catholic Church. The scholarship is for $600 a year for 5 years. For more information, see Mrs Kilpatrick.
    Closing date is December 1st.

  • Canterbury University Scholarships
    Scholarships are now open for applications and those students with Merit or Excellence in year 12 or 13 are guaranteed a monetary award.
  • Applications for Halls of Residence accommodation at any university need to be processed on-line by the end of August. Any student intending making application need to see Mr Hooper, Careers, as the school needs to fill out a confidential reference.
  • University Visits to St Bede’s
    Most of the Universities visit St Bede’s around August to give information about their courses.

    A high level of achievement in our school exams is essential for university applications as these institutions ask us for confidential academic references. Some include financial assistance depending on the financial background of the caregivers. Some scholarships are never taken up because they have had no applicants.

    For further information refer to scholarship database system “BREAKOUT.” This has been networked into the school computer system with easy student access. Mr Hooper is the Teacher in Charge of Careers.