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Each year an International Student is selected to be a member of the student leadership team.
James Lee, International Student Leader 2014

Through my short 5 years of experience at St. Bede’s College as an international student, I have been able to excel and achieve highly in my academic studies as well as being involved in the Bedean life. St. Bedes College offers countless opportunities and events such as athletics, Wednesday sports, swimming sports and the Mass services we have as a Bedean family. International students have been involved in many of the co-curricular activities and were able to form close relationships with the staff and students. St. Bedes College is the perfect school for those international students who want to venture into adulthood with a bright future and unforgettable memories.
저는 5년이란 시간을 센비지 칼리지에서 중,고등학생 시절을 보냈습니다. 아주 친절하고 열정으로 가르키시는 선생님들 덕분에 저는 공부에 집중할수있었고, 노력한 만큼 좋은 엔씨이에이 결과를 받을수있었습니다. 저는 매년하는 체육대회, 웬즈데이 스포츠, 스위밍 스포츠를 특별히 즐겨했고 매주하는 전학생 조회 시간도 의미있었다고 생각합니다. 저 또한 인터네셔널 학생들은 센비지 칼리지에서 아주 뜻깊은 청소년 시절을 보냈고, 성인이 되서도 잊지못할 추억들을 많이 만들었습니다.

Max Song, International Student Leader 2014

Hi, I’m the international student leader at St. Bede’s College which I am very proud of. As an international leader, I want to introduce diverse cultural aspects not only to international students, but also kiwi students and staff.
When I first came to this college, everyone came across as very friendly and the presence of an international community gave me comfort so I could easily adapt to new environment.
Having two international leaders is unprecedented but I believe it will bring a synergy effect. I will put 100% effort to return the welcome I was given, to new international students and, at the same time also focus on maintaining my high academic record.

Michael Lee, International Student Leader 2012

When I first arrived in New Zealand, I was worried and afraid of the fact that I have to adapt in a new environment. I could not speak English very well at that time and I thought I would not be able to make any new friends and achieve very well. St. Bede’s College was my first school in New Zealand and I thought I would face a lot of troubles. However, my thoughts were completely wrong. All the students in my form class, teachers and my classmates were very helpful and friendly which helped me to become the confident and bright person I am now. This is my fifth year in New Zealand and I have spent all five years at St. Bede’s College. These five years at St. Bede’s College have given me some of the most valuable memories and experiences of my life.

This year, I was given the huge responsibility of being International Student Leader. The role of the International Student Leader is to help international students so they can fit in well with the kiwi friends and adapt to the new environment and culture. All the international students have enjoyed their school life this year and I am very proud of all the international students, who have worked through their problems and adjusted to studying in a completely different environment.

Outside of the school, we attended a dinner at Foodsing Restaurant with international students from Villa Maria. We had the chance to spend some social time with other international students outside of St. Bede’s and it was an enjoyable experience for all.

I encourage all international students to get involved in all parts of St. Bede’s College life. Whether it be sporting, cultural or community activities, give it a try. You will form relationships with other students throughout the college and have a great time as well.

I hope all the international students have enjoyed this year and I wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you to Mrs. Bradley for supporting me in my role as International Students Leader this year, and for all the hard work she does for the international students.

I have greatly enjoyed my five years at St. Bede’s College and am proud to call myself a Bedean.

Other International Students share their views on their time at the St Bede’s:

Gi Hoon (Harold) Lee (Korea) Year 13 International Leader

St Bede’s College is the perfect school for international students as it has a warm friendly environment and very experienced staff members who look after students with care.

Jung su Lee (Korea) Year 13

I like St Bede’s boarding because there are many kiwi students and they are nice to me. When I joined the boarding school I was very worried, but the dorm masters and my friends helped me to be part of boarding life. This is the best time of my stay in New Zealand and I will always remember this time.

Chang Min (Ryan) Lee (Korea)Year 13

I came to St Bede’s College because my guardian, my parents and I chose this school. The teachers are kind and friendly especially to international students. I find it easy to make friends so I am really enjoying studying here and will not forget this school when I leave, because I have had lots of fun and good experiences.

Jakkapat (Jay) Jirathittipong (Thailand) Year 12

I enjoy St Bede’s College because of the way kiwi students willingly interact and help me with academic subjects. This improves my English and makes my days happy here.

Hyun Seong (Paul ) Lee (Korea) Year 11

There are many opportunities at St Bede’s College including many subjects, many classrooms and many sports so I like St Bede’s.