St Bede’s College has the responsibility of ensuring all its students have the best opportunity the college can provide for success in academic fields and in personal growth. Students who are learning English as a second language and who experience difficulty with English will be required to participate in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes, as detailed below.

For information on general courses at the College, please see the relevant pages in the Curriculum section of the website.

Junior ESOL

This is an Option subject. All Year 9 and 10 students take English as a core subject. Junior ESOL is taken three periods a week during Options.

Some Year 9 and 10 students may be placed in ESOL classes depending on their English language competency, while others may choose ESOL. The format will consist of following a Course Book with emphasis on developing and extending skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Depending on need this trimester course may run for a full year.


Senior ESOL

ESOL Unit Standards will be offered to Senior ESOL students. While achieving these standards will gain students credits for NCEA, they cannot be used to meet the Literacy requirement.

Year 11

This course will focus on increasing the four Language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing, with resources taken from a variety of contexts.

ESOL Unit Standards Offered:

  • US27983: Read and understand simple texts on familiar topics (EL)
  • US27991: Participate in simple spoken exchanges on personal and familiar topics (EL)
  • US27999: Write simple texts on familiar topics (EL)
  • US28022: Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken information on familiar topics (EL)

Years 12 and 13

It is assumed that students choosing to study ESOL at this level would find NCEA Level 2 English too difficult.

ESOL Unit Standards Offered:

  • US28050: Demonstrate understanding of spoken information on familiar topics (EL)
  • US28056: Read and understand texts on familiar topics (EL)
  • US28062: Participate in a formal interview (EL)
  • US28068: Write texts on familiar topics (EL)