Subject Pre-Requisites

Please refer to the 2016 Curriculum Handbook for pre-requisites for entry into subjects.

Any queries should be directed to the relevant Head of Faculty or Teacher-in-Charge.

General Entry Criteria –

To Year 11 courses:

Year 10 performance will determine which English, Maths and Science class a student is placed into and this may limit other subject selection.

To Yr 12 Courses:

To advance to level 2, students must achieve between 12-16 credits in the appropriate level 1 course.

To Yr 13 Courses:

To advance to level 3, a student must achieve a minimum of 12 -16 credits at level 2 in each subject.

Some year 12 and 13 courses may also have their own specific requirements – please read the 2016 Curriculum Handbook.