Homework Guidelines

Senior School

  • Year 11 students can expect one and a half to two hours each week in each subject.
  • Year 12 and 13 students can expect two to two and a half hours each week in each subject.

All assignments and assessments should be recorded in student diaries.

Junior School

Length of written homework set:

  • Year 9 20 – 30 minutes each subject
  • Year 10 25 – 35 minutes each subject

As well as the above written homework, students can be set learning work in any subject.

If a written homework is not set, students would still be expected to spend that length of time on that subject (revising, learning ,etc. ).

Learning Curve Programme
Study Skills Resource Website

It is wise to set aside a fixed and regular time each night for the homework to be completed. Good study habits make good students.