Head of Faculty – Mr Fred DeMarco

Includes Mathematics, Mathematics Applied, Calculus, Statistics and Modelling

In Mathematics and Statistics, students explore relationships in quantities, space and data and learn to express these relationships in ways that help them to make sense of the and problem solving skills as these play a major role in innovation, invention and scientific and technical discovery.

Mathematics allows students to explore their logical abilities and develop ordered modes of thinking. It is a subject that provides a simulating and enjoyable challenge for students.

Everyone needs to learn Mathematics as it is essential in most areas of employment. It is also a basic necessity in many other aspects of everyday life. An understanding of Mathematics helps people to develop logical approaches to procedure, argument and analysis. Mathematics has been described as the language of the sciences and as such is essential for success in many other fields of study. Mathematics is required in order to study many other disciplines and students must be aware of these requirements when deciding which courses to pursue.

In Mathematics every student will be given the opportunity to develop in the key competencies of thinking, using language and symbols. They will also be assessed against managing self, relating to others, participation and contribution.

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