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Parent Teacher Association

Sarah Nauman (Chair) ph 0274865661 sarah.nauman@xtra.co.nz, Tracy Ahern (Secretary) tracy@allaboutyou.co.nz” ph 0275444557, Liz Gillon (Senior Vice Chair), Sharon Potts (Junior Vice Chair), and Michelle Toomey (Treasurer).

Staff are represented by Nola Kilpatrick, Tony Murdoch, Matt Rough, Jill Falloon, Rosalie Goode and Katrina High. Other members are Gisele Aynsley, Sally Bates, Cath Bell, Denise Barber, Cinnermon Buckley, Kaye Caddick, Chris Carter, Loreto Colvin, Liana Falloon, Ann Koeford, Phillipa Ford, Julie Harrington, Nick and Fiona Steel, Linda Dolan, Mary-Anne Miller, Carol McCann, Melissa McIntyre, Jude Mackwell, Louise Rix, Virginia Robinson, Mel Spencer, Erica Turton, Megan Poultney and Maria Vertogen.

The Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month, unless it is a new term, at 7.30pm in the Staff Room.