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In the period 1982 – 2006 the St Bede’s College Foundation has been a significant benefactor to the College by way of direct grants and by loans to both the Board of Proprietors and the Board of Trustees. The present day facilities owe much to the Foundation and the photographs on these pages bear testimony to the generosity and vision of the founding members and subsequent donors.

In summary the Gifts to the College total $1,894,670.00 and are as follow:

Jubilee Appeal/PAC 1,000,000.00

Fees to assist families in need 213,963.00

Donations to Boarding School 234,668.00

Sports Pavilion 81,816.00

Interest Paid on behalf of BOT 68,947.00

Chapel Restoration 77,425.00

Computers 51,596.00

Recreation Room 44,951.00

Salaries to assist Funding Appeals 41,929.00

Strategic Plan 19,452.00

Landscape Plan 14,965.00

Feasibility Study 13,975.00

Bedean News 6,364.00

Prospectus 5,673.00

Cricket Wickets 5,600.00

Signage for PAC 3,326.00

Restoration of Painting of St Bede 3,529.00

Chapel lighting 2,949.00

Funding Expenses 2,519.00

Equipment 1,023.00

Contribution to the Building of Wearmouth $500,000.00

Contribution to Development Office (since 2007) $ 250,000.00

In addition to these gifts the Foundation has at various times loaned over $1,500,000.00 to enable or assist the College to initiate or complete a range of projects such as the upgrade of the library, the purchase of the Momorangi Street properties, the new gymnasium, the Learning Centre and the computer upgrade.