Bedeans in Music

Matthew Everingham (2008-2012)


Music and Law Student
Canterbury University

Matthew left St. Bede’s at the end of 2012 having gained a Scholarship in Music. He tossed up between studying Music and Law at University of Canterbury so decided to do a double degree. He has completed the Music part of it and is in his final year of Law.

Matthew has remained very busy as a musician in Christchurch. He has a high profile in the music theatre world with his ongoing work as an assistant to Richard Marrett for Showbiz and Court Theatre productions. This year he has his first opportunity to take on the Musical Director position for Sister Act. He is a freelance music director at various schools and continues to play piano and compose.

Harry Flett (2010-2014)


Finance and Accounting Student
University of Otago

A very talented musician, Harry studied a variety of subjects in his final year at St. Bede’s in 2014. He decided to pursue business studies at the University of Otago and has experienced great success. He is entering his third year, studying Finance and Accounting and has once again been fortunate to be selected for various opportunities. These include winning an international business competition held in Queenstown, being awarded the Top Accounting and Finance Student in NZ for 2016 and receiving an all-expenses paid trip to Bogota, Colombia to attend a world youth conference. He worked at ANZ in Auckland as an Institutional summer intern in the summer break ’16-‘17.

Little did I know it at the time, but studying music, getting involved in extra-curricular activities, learning how to work in a team, learning how to lead, and being chosen as Cultural Prefect were some of the best things that happened to me as teenager. I can say now, that, looking back, those experiences opened doors in all other areas.

They say the mind is like a muscle, and that music is one of the best ways to activate that muscle. I don’t think I realised, but listening, playing, and composing music was instrumental (excuse the pun) in my development. . . . I cannot recommend music enough – regardless of what you want to achieve, music helps develop you in more ways than you can imagine.

Peter Wilkes (2010-2014)


Sonic Arts and Music Studies Student
Victoria University

Peter always had a passion for music having played the piano from a young age. However, it wasn’t until he discovered the limitless potential in electronic music that he knew music was what he wanted to pursue at university.

Peter is currently in the third year of his Bachelor of Music majoring in Sonic Art Composition
and Music Studies. Since departing St Bedes, having received Excellence in Composition and
Performance as well as the School Instrumentalist award, he has completed numerous musical projects including releasing an original EP, working in collaboration with New Zealand hip-hop artists, and is currently in the process of developing a Record Label for young New Zealand Music Artists with a childhood friend.

The St Bede’s Music Department were extremely supportive of my passion for creating music through technology and were able to guide and develop all aspects of my overall musicianship. Thanks to their help and preparation I have been able to thrive in my study at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington. Music at St Bede’s gave me the confidence to try and take my music as far as possible and was always highlight of my day.