Clothing Requirements

Details of the St Bede’s College uniform worn by all students may be found on the General Information – Uniform page.

Boarders have their laundry done on the property and it is collected once a week in the morning and returned the following evening. For this reason, and in order to maintain high standards of personal hygiene, the College recommends the following items as a minimum number. If the boys are playing sports – extra underwear, socks and training gear will be needed.

  • 1 College Blazer
  • 1 College Tie
  • 6 white shirts
  • 2 pair Charcoal Grey Longs
  • 1 College Jersey
  • 2 pair pyjamas
  • 8 sets underwear
  • 1 dozen handkerchiefs
  • 1 pair black shoes
  • 6 pair walk socks
  • 2 pair walk shorts
  • 1 warm jacket
  • 4 towels
  • 2 face cloths
  • 1 toilet bag containing toothbrush, soap, toothpaste (extra may be bought at the College)

Mufti gear is worn after school, on the weekends and at other suitable times such as public holidays.

All clothing must be clearly named.

Accessories Piercings, beads, bangles, plastic wrist bands, etc., are not to be worn with the College uniform, or by boarders at any time. Hats or caps are not to be worn with the College uniform.

Sheets, pillowcases and bedding are all provided; boys may bring their own pillows and duvets.