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Futsal Commendation

Mr Justin Boyle, Rector

This Thursday’s assembly featured sports prize giving, which was an opportunity to celebrate our many successes during the year, but also another opportunity to emphasise what we expect of our sportsmen.

We reminded the boys that we win with humility and we lose with grace.  We cited a number of examples of teams or individuals in the College who modelled winning humbly and losing graciously.

What are some of the ways we win humbly?  It means having respect for the opposition, it means practicing hard, it means keeping one’s feet on the ground and showing appreciation for the support of coaches, parents and others.  The best example of Bedeans losing graciously was contained in the following note I received from a Linwood College teacher coach on Wednesday:

Dear Mr Boyle

Re:  Sam McDonnell and Logan Merritt

I am in charge of Futsal at Linwood College and I am writing to express my admiration and praise for these two young men as well as your team.  There is and has been considerable rivalry between the schools’ Futsal teams over the years and that has grown into mutual respect between our students.  I have to say that Sam and Logan have both proved to be sportsmen of the highest calibre both on and off the field.  They bring passion and commitment  with humility and skill.  I can only commend them to you.

In our most recent match, your team outplayed us and were winning comfortably 3-1 with 90 seconds to go.  My team will never accept loss and battled to the bitter end, an in an unexpected but very exciting last few seconds we were the eventual winners 4-3.  Sam and Logan were bitterly disappointed but showed huge presence in congratulating me and the team on our victory.  It was a very moving and emotional moment and one that will remain with me for a very long time.  I hold those young men in the highest esteem.

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