Curriculum Handbooks

Dr Rachael Hawkey, Acting DR Curriculum, HOF Arts Faculty

This week all students in Years 10 to 12 received a copy of the 2010 Curriculum Handbook as they consider subject selection for next year. This book contains vital information and should be carefully studied over the next week before the students have their subject selection interviews with their form teachers next Friday morning.

Students need to set aside time to look through the book and discuss which subjects would be most beneficial for future career options. Of particular importance is the information regarding pre-requisites for taking subjects – that is, the number of credits (and grades required in some cases) to be eligible to take a certain subject. Every year, students are turned away disappointed because they do not have the required pre-requisites for taking their chosen subjects. By looking at this information early, students are able to see where they need to attain further credits in the external examinations in just over a month.

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